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A Little About Us

We started out as a mobile wood fired pizza truck. We design and build the ovens ourselves and have a very personal knowledge of how our products are made. We have our hands on all phases of the process, from the ovens to the dough.

OUR RESTAURANT OPENED APRIL 13, 2018! We have expanded our hours and menu, with more to come. We are just a few hundred yards down the street from where the pizza truck has been all these years.

We havebeen servingOlympia since 2011. We love being a part of this community, meeting and serving people from all over the world. We have learned so much about the amazingcommunity share. We always ask people where their favorite places are to eat, for burgers, sandwiches, thai, gyros, Italian, pho-soup and yes, even pizza.I don't believe there's a "best" because there are so many different tastes.We discuss all our favorites-food, movies, music, theaters, drinks, books, you name it. Some of the best jokes I have heard came from our pizza truck friends. Eventually we need to have a blog-“Favorites from the Pizza Truck People". They’re the best!


Our dough is a family recipe all mixed by hand and takes 2 - 3 days to finish. We do as much from scratch as possible.

People come from all over to get one of Suzanne's made from scratch cinnamon rolls. She even makes the vanilla that goes into them. Once they are caramelized in the wood fired oven there is nothing like them. You have to try one to believe it.

Even the wood seems to be a big topic for questions. For all of you who wonder what kind of wood we use... we cut, split, stack and dry our wood. At this time we usemadrona, oak, apple, cherry and other hardwoods. They have a very high BTU and good flame.

We are working on a fixed location so we can extend our menu and days of operation. This family business is like one of our children, always maturing, evolving, and getting better.

Thank you all for your support and friendship.

Randy Murray 2014